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Aberfoyle Hub R-7 School

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The HUBCAPS Pedal Prix Team

The Aberfoyle Hub R-7 School's Pedal Prix team, the Hubcaps first began competing in Pedal Prix events in 1997. The team is also aligned with and supported by the Aberfoyle Park High School. Pedal Prix is an all inclusive team sport, where teams compete in the HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) Super Series.

Pedal Prix Information Brochure (2MB)

If you, or anyone you know, would like more information about Pedal Prix, or would like to join the team, please register your interest with the school. For further information please refer to the Pedal Prix Information Brochure (2MB).

Sarah Magnusson
Deputy Principal

HubCaps Mission Statement (74KB)

The Series Events

The HPV Super Series consists of three events. The first race is a six hour event held at Victoria Park, where the race is divided into two three hour sessions. The second event, also at Victoria Park, is a complete nine hour race. The season comes to a climax with the third and final race of the season, which is the twenty four hour event, held at Murray Bridge. For more information about the series, log onto

Team Success

The Hubcaps have had great success since it begun competing in the HPV Super Series. The Hubcaps have been overall series winners for ten consecutive years. To read more about the successes of the Hubcaps, please follow the link.

The Commitment Required

All Hubcaps riders are committed to achieving the best result possible. In order to do this, many sacrifices are made from both students, parents and their families.

Before School Training

Team members train on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:30am with the aim of improving their fitness levels, staying healthy and having fun. At training, the team is involved in: running; on the school oval, up to nearby Thalassa Park or in the gym; stretching, for warm ups and cool downs; and circuits, that involve burpees, shuttle runs, lunges and sit ups. The team members also learn how to take their heart rates which enables them to gauge how hard they are working. If it is raining, the team trains indoors. Parents often come and train with the team.

Bike Training

To ensure that the team is fit enough to ride in the bikes on race day, riders train in the bikes each weekend at Victoria Park. The riders receive lots of help from parent volunteers, who help tow the bike trailers down to the track. All lap times are recorded, which the team manager uses to select the teams.

Voluntary Parent Support

Parents of the Hubcaps are encouraged to help out in a range of different areas.

  • Training (Weekend bike/morning fitness)
  • Bike Maintenance
  • Fundraising
  • Team Management
  • Sponshorship
  • Marshalling at races
  • Cooking/food preparation
  • Camping set up for Murray Bridge

Bike Building

With multiple teams competing, the Hubcaps riders, parents and teachers need to spend lots of time maintaining, fixing, improving, re shaping and building the bikes, ensuring that they run smoothly and are safe to ride. A group of about twelve interested and keen parents work at the school’s Pedal Prix shed most Tuesday nights during the Pedal Prix season. They also make time for ‘a chinwag’ once all the work on the bikes is complete. All new interested parents are welcome.


Pedal Prix is an expensive sport, with entry fees, bike maintenance costs and general organizational expenses adding up throughout the year. In order to make Pedal Prix at the Hub a viable proposition, the students and parents are involved in a range of Fundraising ventures. Some of them include:

  • Cadbury Chocolates selling
  • Peoples Choice Credit Union
    Hubcaps Raffle
  • Bunning's BBQ
  • Wine Fundraiser
  • Quiz Night

Team Managers

Each Hubcaps team has team managers, who are responsible for riders each when racing. The team managers ensure that the riders:

  • are prepared to ride when it is their turn
  • eat the appropriate food
  • are continually re hydrating
  • are acting sensibly at all times
  • complete warm up and recovery exercises at the appropriate times


The Hubcaps require the generous sponsorship from individuals and business groups to ensure the team can meet all it’s costs. For their generosity, sponsors have the opportunity to advertise their business on team shirts, the team trailers and on the very successful Hubcaps bikes. They also receive other Hubcaps material which can be displayed at their site.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Hubcaps, please contact the school.


Each team in the HPV Super Series needs to provide a number of marshals on race day. Training for Marshals is online at

In general marshals

  • patrol the track to ensure that all riders are riding safely
  • ensure that all riders are wearing appropriate safety gear, such as helmets and eye wear
  • use flags and signals, and are in radio contact with the chief marshal

Cooking / Food Tent

During Round 3 at Murray Bridge, all Hubcaps riders are fed healthy meals to provide them with energy to ride bikes throughout the twenty four hours. These meals and snacks are planned and prepared by the Cooking group. Most of the ingredients are donated by local businesses to ensure that there is no cost to the students.

During round 1 and 2, the Cooking Group provide some snacks and refreshments for the parents that are supporting the team.

Team Selection Criteria

Hubcaps teams are selected in accordance with their behaviour at school, riding experience, effort, attendance and times at training.

Team Selection Criteria (29KB)

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