Zones of Regulation

Aberfoyle Hub Primary School is using the Zones of Regulation Program.

The Zones of Regulation is a specifically designed curriculum to teach students to self-regulate their emotional and sensory needs. Students are first taught to identify feelings and emotions in themselves and others. They are then taught effective regulation tools, including when and how to use these tools. Once students have mastered that they are taught positive problem solving solutions such as “size of the problem – matching the size of their reaction to the size of the problem,” the next step is teach students to understand how students’ behaviour influences other people’s thoughts and feelings. This is taught through using language such as expected and unexpected behaviour, and ensuring our behaviour matches the social situation. Finally students should have independent regulation.

The zones are described as blue, green, yellow and red.

Blue is sad, sick and tired.

Green is calm, happy and focused.

Yellow is excited, silly or annoyed.

Red is angry, scared or out of control.

There are times where it is expected to be in each of the zones and times it would be unexpected.

We are teaching the students to match their zone to the situation and if their zone does not match the situation, students need to use a tool. For example it would be expected to be excited and running around in the playground, but not during a maths lesson. If we feel like that in a maths lesson we need to use a tool such as, taking deep breaths or going for a walk so we can refocus for class.

Tips for Managing the Zones You’re In